May. 24th, 2017 05:09 pm
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1. Lilacs are still blooming all over town.

2. Last night I tried a new (to me) recipe for rhubarb poached in red wine (eaten over vanilla ice cream) and it is delicious.

3. Today has been a better day than yesterday was. That's a low bar, but I'll take it.

4. The sun is shining. I'm home from work. I'm sitting on my mirpesset with a seltzer, enjoying the flowers. (Including the pot of pink begonias that someone gave me last week; secret message to [personal profile] batdina: I am thinking of them as scarlet begonias and that is making me smile.)

5. There is rosé vinho verde in my fridge (vinho rosa?) and later I intend to have some.

How are y'all?
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My outgoing post today.

May. 20th, 2017 02:07 am
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Catching up on The Magicians

May. 18th, 2017 08:44 pm
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(doesn't even bother to cut since no one cares about spoilers for this show)

...then thinks better of it, just in case. )

Do I dare watch the SPN two-parter? I'm not sure. But I've reached a level of general life stress where I'm literally incapable of doing anything but watch escapist television, so, maybe.
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The retirement story!

A Year In Toussaint (30737 words) by astolat
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Wiedźmin | The Witcher (Video Game)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Geralt of Rivia/Emhyr var Emreis
Characters: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia, Emhyr var Emreis, Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Barnabas-Basil Foulty, Anna Henrietta, Sir Palmerin, Iocaste
Additional Tags: Retirement, Toussaint - Freeform, Wine, Corvo Bianco
Series: Part 6 of Witcher works

Geralt had no damn idea what to do with a vineyard when Anna Henrietta gave him Corvo Bianco, but he figured it couldn’t be that bad.

SGA team video: "Friends"

May. 18th, 2017 01:07 pm
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This was made as a treat video for Equinox Vid Exchange 2017 Spring edition at AO3 - the theme of this vidding exchange was VIDS IN SPACE!

Title: Friends
Music: "Friends" by Flight Of The Conchords
Summary: Friends do things together...
Pairing/Character: everyone
Category: Humor/Team
Rating: general audiences
Length: 2:12

Vid, download link and lyrics at my LJ


May. 17th, 2017 08:28 pm
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I am one of those odd ducks who thinks of alcohol seasonally. Which is to say: while these days I drink white wine year-round (because I've found that it doesn't give me headaches the way red sometimes does), I don't drink gin in the wintertime. I don't think of gin in the wintertime.

If I drink any hard alcohol in winter, it's a snifter of calvados, my favorite apple brandy. I want something that my hand can warm, that warms me going down. But when the weather gets nice again (and I am betraying my biases: I have learned to enjoy fall and winter, but what I truly love is exposing skin: wearing sandals, and sleeveless shirts, and showing as much leg as I can respectably manage, because I love the feeling of sunshine on my body) I start craving a G&T at the end of a long day.

And good God, has today been a long day.

And I bought a bottle of Hendrick's the other day, but it was still in the 40s a few days ago. Today it was in the 80s. Now the sun has gone down, but the sky is still bright, and the birds are singing their twilight songs, and I am sitting on my mirpesset barefoot listening to the sounds of evening, and I have a gin and tonic in hand. And it is really, really good.

Shehecheyanu, v'kiyimanu, v'higianu lazman hazeh -- I'm thankful to the One Who kept me alive and sustained me and enabled me to live through another winter until it was gin-and-tonic time again.

So, I've been busy.

May. 17th, 2017 04:34 pm
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Last month, Geoff and I, and his mother, went down to Massachusetts for my mother's husband's ninetieth birthday party. He's had a pretty amazing life -- born in Hungary, survived in hiding from the Nazis as a child, moved to Israel, England, and then the US; his first wife died young and then he and my mother were married a little over twenty years ago. Among many other accomplishments, he's the guy who invented the blue stripe on your toothbrush bristles that tells you when it's time to replace it.

(Apparently the toothbrush in fact works just as well when it reaches that point as it ever did. The company for which he did the research didn't publicize that result.)

So he had this wonderful party, with friends and relatives and colleagues arriving from all over the world. Among the speeches was a tribute to him from his grandchildren in the form of a quiz show: which one of the following six languages does he not speak? Which one of the following four continents has he not lived on? Which one of the following five things did he not invent? and so on. It was great.

However, in the wake of the party his health, which had been frail for a while and slowly going downhill, began to go downhill more quickly. He'd been in an assisted living/nursing care facility for a couple of years, although he was very socially active and his mind was sharp as ever. By late last week my mother was living in his room there, (not) sleeping in a chair, and essentially standing a deathwatch. He finally passed away late Sunday night, with her by his side. As these things go, it was a good death; as his son said, his passing is sad but not tragic.

He and I weren't close, but of course I need to be here for my mother. Geoff and I weren't able to leave Montreal until Tuesday morning, though, and unfortunately that meant we missed the funeral; it was held on Tuesday morning, so that there would be time for three days of shiva before Shabbat. We arrived about 3:30 yesterday, and it looks like we'll be here for all three shivas, and go home Friday morning. (We also couldn't get our windshield wipers repaired in time -- it's not the removable/replaceable blade assembly that broke, but the arm that's attached to the motor, part of the actual car -- so we're driving a brand new rental car. Wow, cars have gotten shinier and smarter since we bought ours nine years ago. I really like the blind spot alert system.)

My mother is fairly shattered but all right, if you see what I mean? She's napping now, which is how I have time to write this; of course I've been staying by her side for whatever talking or not talking she wants to do.

We have to go home on Friday -- and if my mom were in shape for it, I'd like to go home Thursday, but I don't think she is -- because I'm doing a wedding on Saturday, and co-leading service on Sunday (which means actually writing a number of texts to deliver myself, as well as coordinating with the guest preacher on the rest of the service and doing logistical support). Then I'm doing another wedding the following Friday, and a child dedication on that Saturday that I haven't written yet because the family only confirmed details today. And I received an editing job two days ago that I'm supposed to be working on, but I told the press there'd been a death in the family and they assured me that the deadline can stretch, thank goodness. And did I mention that I need to write the child dedication primarily in French?

Fortunately, I did almost all the prep for the weddings in advance. I was writing texts for Sunday's service in the car on the way down (as well as dealing with other church business coming in by email), but I've got them in acceptable shape. And I have half an hour still, before we need to leave for shiva, in which I can read through the family's wishes for the child dedication and respond to their messages. I did do some prep work already for it, but it's going to be a mad press next week; I have to finish writing it in time for the family to review and approve it, of course.

Oh, and I'm teaching an all-day workshop the weekend after that, which I still have to finish writing and prep materials for.

And, flatteringly but time-consumingly, I've gotten two offers of editing jobs in the past few days, but my most regular client already inquired about the possibility of booking my time in advance even before he knows what project he'll be sending me; he basically wants to have me on retainer. So I need to check with him about when he wants that, and on what terms, before talking scheduling with these other folks!

I'm not sure I'll have any time for, you know, cooking and exercising and socializing and all those other little details in the next three weeks...but I'm going to be so pleased with myself when I can look back and say I did it all!

And I am glad to be here for my mother. She and I have had a sometimes difficult relationship over the years, so it's actually a pleasure to notice that I want to be a support for her, and that I can.
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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)


May. 16th, 2017 08:30 pm
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Okay, Peter Capaldi, as the Doctor, intoning "Space... the final frontier"? Made my day.
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Hi folks,

Supporting memberships are (finally) available! Terms are the same as last year:

1.) Streaming only for $25.00
You will receive a members-only password to VividCon's online streaming site, which makes each of this year's vidshows available for streaming on demand as soon as it shows at the convention. The streaming site remains available after the con for about a month for your continued enjoyment. We will also include your name in the print program distributed at the convention, space permitting.

2.) Streaming + DVD for $50.00
In addition to receiving the members-only password to the online streaming site and the program acknowledgment (as described above), we will mail you a copy of the con DVD set and a copy of the print program at the conclusion of the convention.

Register online for the membership of your choice at

Atttending memberships are still available at that link, as well.
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Due Date: May 26, 2017

Leave comments to protect national parks that are under threat. Do this before May 26, 2017. Only 7,000 comments have been submitted.

Some suggestions on what to say are here

Where to go to leave comments (look for the comment button on the upper right:

“The most contested of these Monuments have always seemed to be Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante, both of which – along with nearby Canyon of the Ancients – have fossil fuels beneath them. While those two Monuments have received the majority of headline coverage, California’s Carrizo Plain also sits near oil deposits and some oil companies maintain mineral rights below the protected lands in the Monument, and the Mojave Trails National Monument is under threat from the controversial Cadiz Water Project, which aims to drain an aquifer in the Mojave desert to water urban lawns in Orange County. “

I’ve put CA first, but the full list is below:

Berryessa Snow Mountain
Carrizo Plain
Giant Sequoia (REDWOODS!!!!!)
Mojave Trails
Sand to Snow
San Gabriel Mountains

Grand Canyon-Parashant  (GRAND CAYON!!!)
Ironwood Forest
Sonoran Desert
Vermillion Cliffs

Canyons of the Ancients

Craters of the Moon

Katahadin Woods and Waters

Upper Missouri River Breaks

Basin and Range
Gold Butte

New Mexico
Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks
Rio Grande del Norte

Cascade Siskiyou

Grand Staircase-Escalante

Hanford Reach

In addition to the 22 land-based National Monuments, five marine National Monuments are being “reviewed” in accordance with the “Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy” executive order:

Marianas Trench
Northeast Canyons and Seamounts
Pacific Remote Islands

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Legendary Galactic Fauna: Star Wars

May. 15th, 2017 03:12 am
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Banthas and Tusken relationships!

The galaxy is filled with all kind of creatures, and today, we'll talk about several, traveling through history to Naboo, Hoth, Tatooine. Did you know that banthas would often kill themselves rather than live without their Tusken riders? We explore this and many more fascinating aspects of legendary galactic fauna.


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Title: You'll never leave Hydra alive
Fandom: Captain America movies
Music: You'll never leave Harlan alive by Ruby Friedman
Characters/Pairing: Bucky Barnes, Steve/Bucky
Summary: and you spend your life just thinking of how to get away
Warnings: violence, massive sadness

streaming + download here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3

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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)

Well, that was mildly exciting!

May. 13th, 2017 08:55 pm
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Geoff was driving us home from his sister's this afternoon, where his family had gathered for a Mother's Day brunch, when it began to rain, as it has been doing with horrifying frequency lately; the floods in the Montreal area have gotten international coverage, although thankfully none us are in flood zones. Anyway, it started to rain pretty hard, so he put the wipers on high --

-- and the passenger-side wiper arm broke off at the base and tumbled away.

Thankfully the driver's-side one was still there and working, so he could see to drive, but we'll be bringing it into the dealership for an emergency repair first thing Monday! And we'll get the other one replaced, too; the car is about eight years old, and if one of the wiper arms is rusted or rotted through, the other may be in dangerous shape as well.