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Sandy didn't just change my life, she shook it. She was a force, full of joy and passion. She had such self-knowledge and such self-assurance that she shone, intimidating to some and brilliant to others and to me. She was an amazing woman. Sandy's love of fandom and love of her friends was as true and important as anything anyone can experience in this world.

I'm so grateful for the moments I shared with Sandy. I felt her loss the one year of vividcon she couldn't come and the thought that she will never again be there with us is too cruel to bear.

What we all have is our memories of her and we must share these. I know that Sandy's incredible personality and force will live on with all of us. I want to hear every last one of your stories about her.

I wish I believed in an afterlife. I really do. What we do with the time we have is so important. A life well lived, to me, is about a life shared. I'm forever reminded at how fortunate I've been to make the friends I've made and had all the precious moments we've shared together. Those days in august over the last six years are among the happiest days of my life and so many of you are a part of that. Sandy was part of those moments too and I will never forget those days. They are a part of who I am now and the thing that holds back the grief and anger and sadness and loss I feel over Sandy's death is knowing how vibrantly she lived and how truly changed we all are by that and how we will all be able to share with each other and to everyone we meet a part of the incredible joy and awesomeness that Sandy Herrold gave to all of us just by being Sandy.
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