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Well, I think it's exciting )

So what does it mean? Well, three things. 1) There's a new version of LlamaEnc where the GUI has been written from the ground up because I lost the original source code a billion years ago. 2) This will now actually run on windows 7, including 64 bit machines. 3) This version also runs on ubuntu via Wine, which means it probably also runs on OSX via Wine too.

LlamaEnc on a Mac? Looks possible. Worst case, I could maybe distribute a linux virtual machine with it pre-installed and have folks run it in Virtualbox or whathaveyou.

Oh and there's another GUI I've made too but I'll tell folks about that later.
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So the Festivids list has been posted (all the awesome thanks in the world to [personal profile] jetpack_monkey and [personal profile] laura47 for my vids!!!) so as you can find out, I made 7 vids this year!

Rather than spamming my flist with posts I figured I'd made this one meta-post linking to them. If you were a recipient of any of these vids, I strongly recommend downloading a copy because the streaming web versions are not (especially on vimeo) synced as accurately as I think they should be. Basically the download versions are better.

The vids I made in order of creation are:

  1. You Made Me Feel So Young (to Mary Poppins, for [profile] stephantom) [My assigment]
  2. Doomsday (to Independence Day for [livejournal.com profile] fan_eunice) [treat]
  3. Livin' On A Prayer (to Rocky and Rocky III for [livejournal.com profile] sisabet) [treat]
  4. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (to Maru for [livejournal.com profile] giandujakiss)[treat]
  5. Ballroom Blitz (to Ghostbusters for [livejournal.com profile] sdwolfpup) [treat]
  6. Jailbreak (to Star Wars the original trilogy for [personal profile] colls) [Pinch Hit]
  7. Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The Moonlight (to Batman for [livejournal.com profile] sweetestdrain) [treat]

No lie, this is a lot of vids. Like, I've not made this many vids in so short a time span in years. Possibly ever. I do have to apologise to my recipients: because I was vidding so fast the vids might not all be as polished as I'd like, though I think on the whole they turned out fairly well.

This year, I decided to take a slightly different approach for Festivids. Last year, I nominated a *ton* of sources thinking, mostly, 'oh yeah I've seen that movie once I could probably vid it at a stretch' and other such fallacies. This year, I asked myself the following questions:
  1. Do I love this source?
  2. Would it be awesome if there was a vid that I made to this source?
  3. Would I be thrilled to get this source as an assignment?
If any of these were anything other than OMGYES, I didn't nominate it. In the end I only nominated 42 sources and, incidentally, only 2 of those sources were ones I ended up vidding (the other 5 vids were sources I would never have been assigned). See, I wanted to be sure that whatever the recipient wanted, I'd feel confident that I could do a good job for them.

The next major decision was that this year I would not spend weeks and weeks and weeks looking for that perfect all-encompassing vidsong. I did that last year and more often than not, that vid song just doesn't exist. Instead, I had to accept that even though I was unlikely to vid this source again the fact that I couldn't find a song that represented every single one of my feelings about the source should not stop me just making a damn vid already. I basically concluded that if the song worked well enough, I could pretty much make a decent enough vid and that that was fine.

So that's what I did. What I found was that I could do this a lot: once I had a vidsong that had a basic hook I could churn out a fairly enjoyable vid fairly fast. They weren't deep vids but they were fun and that's precisely what festivids is about!

tl;dr I let go a little and made a ton of vids that I'm pretty happy with. They're worth a watch, I think.

P.S. I'd like to thank everyone who left comments on my vids while they were anonymous, it meant a lot to me that you enjoyed the vids!
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For a long while I thought I wasn't going to be able to make a 7th treat. I'd been looking around for vidsongs to a lot of different sources (Contact, Clueless, While You Were Sleeping, Dellamorte Dellamore) but none of them were grabbing me or at least presenting me with a frictionless vid idea that I could just churn out. While looking at the Dear Festividder letters again, this idea just pops right in there. It's not what [livejournal.com profile] sweetestdrain asked for (who the hell would ask for this) so while I felt bad that I wasn't giving her the kickass Catwoman vid she deserves I figured it would be worth a giggle or two to have Nicholson's joker prancing around disturbingly to Tiny Tim.

Thankfully, Nicholson prances around a lot in this movie (usually to Prince) so there was enough footage for this little ditty. It's hideously infectious though, so be warned.

Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The Moonlight by AbsoluteDestiny

Things that bother you, never bother me!

Footage: Batman (1989)
Audio: Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The Moonlight by Tiny Tim
Duration: 00:01:40

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Download links:

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Making all these vids over my Christmas vacation was so much fun that I didn't want to stop. So when I saw the last round of pinch hits go up, I knew I wanted to grab this one.

Colls had suggested 70s or 80s but was worried about it being cheesy but was happy for something fun and actiony. 'I can do that', I thought to myself. Now, I actually have some major major issues with Star Wars or more to the point with George Lucas' repeated screwing over of my childhood. Star Wars was, without a doubt, by first fandom. I LOVED STAR WARS. So much. Figures, stickers, the Empire Strikes Back bedspread and matching PJs. It was happy hi-jinx and adventure time. What I didn't like was 1997 and everything that followed. The Special Edition was a travesty - the new CG was hideous, goofy and made the whole thing look so incredibly dated and needlessly so. The art design and special effects on the original trilogy were pioneering and internally perfectly consistent. The new stuff was garish and laughable. Then you had every revison after that - Greedo shooting (screw who shot first, Greedo never shot ever), replacement Anakins ('who the fuck is that guy' thought Luke) and finally the total desecration of Vader in his origin story. God damn you, Lucas.

So, if I were to vid Star Wars, it would be to the Star Wars of my youth and without Lucas' modern retcon bullshit. So, first rule was that there would be no special edition footage. No new Death Star explosions, no new cloud city, no new blue snow on Hoth, no new pink lightsabers, no new dead Jedi, no new creepy ewok eyes. Thankfully, fan restoration projects are plentiful and Harmy had recently completed his really excellent De-specialisation project where High Def footage was used where available and Laserdisc or GOUT-sourced footage was used for the scenes as they should be. The next major decision was to exclude Vader and any overt use of the force. In focusing on the getaways and the rebels as scrappy underdogs there wasn't really any place for the father-son story. So I figured since Vader had been so thoroughly defanged by Lucas, I'd just remove him altogether in this vid. I think it was for the best. Lots of Han, Leia, Luke and Lando with a fair share of Chewie, R2, 3PO, Obi Wan, Wedge and Ackbar.

Jailbreak by AbsoluteDestiny

The criminal hi-jinx of the rebel scum.

Footage: Star Wars (1977), Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983) and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
Audio: Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy
Duration: 00:03:16

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So by this point, I'm starting to feel pretty good about my Festivids vids. I was happy with my assignment and I'd done three treats! But there I was, on New Year's Eve 2011 thinking to myself "There's still time for more vids". So I go back to the Dear Festividder letters and look over the sources. I'm not sure precisely how it happened, all I know is that I read Ghostbusters and then I went to my music library and was browsing through stuff and it was right there staring me in the face.

After some slight song editing (removing the naming of the band because I wanted to maintain the chronology and at that point there were only 3 busters) I dove right in. Thankfully, [livejournal.com profile] sdwolfpup shared my feelings about Ghostbusters 2 (in that 'not really invested, haven't seen it in decades' way) so I was able to just go ahead and have fun with the first movie I remember seeing at the cinema way back when.

Ballroom Blitz by AbsoluteDestiny

Footage: Ghostbusters (1984)
Audio: The Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet
Duration: 00:02:54

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Continuing the "wouldn't it be a shame if" theme, I was delighted to see that the internet's favourite kitty had been requested for Festivids but, I thought to myself, what if nobody makes a Maru vid! Of course, my fears were unfounded as unknown to me a very very excellent, vid with humour love and tenderness was being made in the form of Outside the Box.

Anyway, I decided that I would try and put together a super-quick, super-fun Maru vid. Yeah, this was the year where I decided that literalism was *exactly* what festivids needed.

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag by AbsoluteDestiny

Footage: Maru (まる) (2011)
Audio: Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (pt 1) by James Brown
Duration: 00:01:30

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Next up on my "it would be a real shame if there wasn't" list was for [livejournal.com profile] sisabet but it wasn't to this song. Originally I really really really wanted to do the Apollo/Rocky slash vid she asked for because damn that training montage footage is about the best thing ever put to film. So there I am listening for vidsongs when I ask [livejournal.com profile] braver_creature what her favourite over-wrought love song was. "The One" by Elton John, she replied. She played it for me (I wasn't familiar with it) while I was playing said training montage on youtube and OMFG. So the idea crystallised... but [livejournal.com profile] braver_creature wanted to make it. Badly.

OK OK, I said. Well, how about you make that from Apollo's POV and I do one from Rocky's? So I go looking for other vidsongs and come up with a few good ideas (Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark) but as she was getting more and more into the idea it was pretty clear that The One was going to have a POV switch. So I figured I'd leave all the slashy goodness to her and think of something else.

I'm not going to lie, I think this song is totally perfect for the Rocky movies. The thing that wasn't perfect? The footage that wasn't boxing or training and the fact that the I would need to conflate the first two movies into one emotional arc. Oh and the fact that the song is entirely penultimate and they are never more than half way there. I'd have to ignore that. In all other respects though, the song is perfect :P

I'm actually really please with this vid - it came out a lot better than I thought it was going to when I started making it. Of all the festivids vids, this was the hardest one to put together.

Livin' On A Prayer by AbsoluteDestiny

You live for the fight when it's all that you got.

Footage: Rocky (1976) and Rocky II (1979)
Audio: Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
Duration: 00:03:50

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My rationale for treat-making this year was simple. 1) I would actually make treats this year. 2) They would exist because it would be a shame if they didn't. The reason for this treat was almost entirely due to [personal profile] fan_eunice's Dear Festividder letter where she mentioned Will Smith punching an alien in the face. I thought to myself "but what if she doesn't get a vid where that happens?!". So I made one for her.

Now, I actually find the song kinda hilarious. The opening is so so over the top. I was mostly just happy to be vidding something fairly mindless and where my entire creative energy would be in the minutia of editing and making sure the energy of the song was being represented. I think it came out pretty well. Thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] jarrow for being a great beta.

Doomsday by AbsoluteDestiny

Footage: Independence Day (1996)
Audio: Doomsday by Nero
Duration: 00:02:55

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Download links:

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For Festivids this year, I was very conservative in the sources that I nominated. I wanted to make sure that whatever show or movie I was matched on, I would know it really well, would be emotionally invested in and would be able to do fun or interesting things with. When I was matched on Mary Poppins I was delighted. I mean, what a great movie. Plenty of colour and movement and fun too.

[profile] stephantom was pretty open to ideas but specifically asked for something focussed on Burt or Burt/Mary. I felt kinda bad, in a way, because her other sources were awesome things like The Wire and Mad Men but they were far too intimidating. After a *lot* of song searching (and thanks to [personal profile] elynross and [personal profile] fan_eunice) I finally went with Sinatra and the vid basically fell together. I hope you like it.

You Make Me Feel So Young by AbsoluteDestiny

Made during Festivids 2011/12 for stephantom

Footage: Mary Poppins (1964)
Audio: You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra
Duration: 00:02:07

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Download links:

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Jan. 22nd, 2012 11:29 am
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Festivids is upon us and it's filled with awesome!

I received two great vids - a totally tripped out and stunning Jigoku vid and a totally charming, sweet and fun Venture Bros vid. Woohoo!

Big long recs list will have to come later but first up is an awesome Festivids vid you've not seen yet. You must correct that immediately.

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Before you make that post or that comment, think to yourself:

"I probably don't have the full context for this, do I?"

and with that in mind, try asking questions instead of ranting or venting based on unknowns or assumptions. I know ranting and venting are good but think about this - when someone comments on *your* post or comment, they wont have the full context either.
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Doing embeds twice is just such as chore so if you want to read my Dear Festividder letter, you will have to do it here, alas:


You can comment here if you like :)
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So, I'm going to get back into the guide writing side of fan video making participation and I'm looking for requests.

There's no promises in this but I'd like to try and make some stuff to go on the web for people to use so if there are particular things about vid making that you wish you had a guide on or you are just interested in one aspect of what I do then I'd like to collect those here.

The guides I currently have planned are:

  1. How I prepare my sources for editing

    1. How I use virtualbox for editing in Premiere 6.5 on windows 7 64bit

    2. How I prepare high def footage for editing

    3. How I make web-streamable h264 mp4 files

  2. How I do various vividcon stuff

    1. How I put together club vivid

    2. How I put together karaoke and do subtitling

    3. How I fix common problems in submitted vid files

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The hows and whys of this vid will really need a post of its own. So instead, I will just leave this here. Many thanks to tzikeh for the song.

May I Suggest by AbsoluteDestiny

The best part of your life.

Footage: Up (2009)
Audio: May I Suggest by Susan Werner
Duration: 00:04:30

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Download links:

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Sandy didn't just change my life, she shook it. She was a force, full of joy and passion. She had such self-knowledge and such self-assurance that she shone, intimidating to some and brilliant to others and to me. She was an amazing woman. Sandy's love of fandom and love of her friends was as true and important as anything anyone can experience in this world.

I'm so grateful for the moments I shared with Sandy. I felt her loss the one year of vividcon she couldn't come and the thought that she will never again be there with us is too cruel to bear.

What we all have is our memories of her and we must share these. I know that Sandy's incredible personality and force will live on with all of us. I want to hear every last one of your stories about her.

I wish I believed in an afterlife. I really do. What we do with the time we have is so important. A life well lived, to me, is about a life shared. I'm forever reminded at how fortunate I've been to make the friends I've made and had all the precious moments we've shared together. Those days in august over the last six years are among the happiest days of my life and so many of you are a part of that. Sandy was part of those moments too and I will never forget those days. They are a part of who I am now and the thing that holds back the grief and anger and sadness and loss I feel over Sandy's death is knowing how vibrantly she lived and how truly changed we all are by that and how we will all be able to share with each other and to everyone we meet a part of the incredible joy and awesomeness that Sandy Herrold gave to all of us just by being Sandy.
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Many of you will have read my previous post where I was afraid to make a Copyright Counter-notification to defend one of my youtube vids.

I'm glad to report that I went ahead and made the counter-claim and today youtube restored the video!


My counter claim was based on my interpretation of Fair Use as it applies to the DMCA. I stated the following:

This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is 1) non-commercial, 2) vastly transformative in nature, 3) uses small amounts of this and other works, as necessary for the video's message, and 4) does not compete with the original work and could have no negative affect on it's market.

Now, when I say small amounts here, I really mean small amounts. The copyright claimant was Shin-ei animation. Of the many anime in my vid, the only one I could think of that was a Shin-Ei owned show was Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Notchi Guu. The footage from that show amounts to 4 seconds of footage and of that footage most of the frames are looped. In addition to those 4 seconds, there are about 16 rotoscoped frames that I take from the show and put on a swirly background. That's it. In the whole video. 4 and half seconds of footage from an entire animated tv show.

What astonishes me is that either someone from Shin-Ei watched the video or the just saw the show listed in the tags and filed a counter-claim based on that. If it's the latter, and if they didn't really watch the video, then I see that as copyright trolling plain and simple.

It's possible that I was wrong and that they also own the copyright on other shows I used but as youtube didn't tell me the details of the copyright claim I had to guess. Also interesting is the point that while Shin-Ei did a claim on the whole video, prior to that the audio had been removed due to ownership by WMG. The result of my counter-notification has restored both parts of the work. I assumed that the copyright cliam would have been for the video only and that my counter-claim was to that claim alone (I specified the video in the counter-claim).

This leaves many unanswered questions. Did Shin-Ei falsely make a claim on the both video and audio? Did youtube send my counter-notification to both Shin-Ei and WMG?

To me, it seems like we have copyright owners throwing copyright claims on anything to looks vaguely infringing in the hope that people wont counter-claim, youtube fulfilling the legal right to counter-claim by sending the notification to the claimant who will then just ignore it because it's not worth their time or effort to analyse the claim any closer and finally youtube switching videos back on after the mandatory 14 days of no reply, regardless of whether both video and audio have been sufficiently covered by a counter-notification!

On one hand, I'm much more encouraged to make a counter-claim against Studio Ghibli who have blocked the youtube version of With One Accord (which is a not-for-profit parody of an Evangelion episode). I think most counter-claims would just happen by default as I really don't think most of the copyright holders are taking the time to properly assess the claims made.

If anyone has any questions about this, please ask. My advice on this to be cautious but consider favourably doing counter-notifications for situations like mine. Oh and talk to the OTW because they helped me get my thoughts together and they have very smart folks who know a lot about this stuff.

Also, share your experiences, good or bad. It's important for vidders and other creators of derivative media to understand what it normal and what has worked and what hasn't. There are risks but I think with more examples we can get a better feeling for those risks and not feel so bullied by the process, like I did at first.
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Seriously, Apple. What have you done?

Sure, I'm not a fan (at all) of the way editing software is crippled by the needs to support proprietary technologies but entire editing studios are built upon a workflow. You can't just throw that workflow away with the next version without any means to transition. I can edit something in Premiere 6 and still have it imported with some moderate success to Premiere Pro CS5. We're talking support for a 10 year old program! (that I still use, in a virtual machine, because it's still the most efficient bread-and-butter clip editor out there)

It's definitely the end of an era. Maybe the new one will be simpler - the last 10 years of the digital editing revolution have been hard for new users but this seems like too far a step sideways, for me. Time will tell.

P.S. On further reflection, I think my problem with FCPX is this: the ease of use revolution for video editing needed to happen (I certainly have a dream video editor in my head that has yet to be made) but that program was not going to be the next final cut or the next premiere, it was going to be an entirely new program. If that's what apple wanted to do, that's what they should have done - retired FCP to patch-only updates and create a new editing program. They've made the new final cut something else entirely and at the same time taken away support for a massive massive editing industry.
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I've been sat with a youtube copyright counter-notification form open and written for a long time. I'm probably never going to press Submit.

A company has asked for a video of mine (Do It Right) to be taken down because of footage use. I believe that my non-profit, transformative work that uses very small amounts of material in a way that does not compete with the original work is in fact a fair use. The fact that the message of the video is not political is about the only thing that doesn't tick every fair use box.

Problem is, fair use is a defence. By submitting a counter-claim I have to be prepared to go to court over this should the copyright owner wish to contest my counter claim. I am not prepared to do this. I do not have the resources, as much as I feel my claim is valid, to fight such a thing in court. Which court this would be, given where I am and where they are, I am not really sure, but this would seemingly be in the US.

So, I haven't filed a counter-notification despite my understanding that I am in the right. Of course, the way youtube is run means that all it takes is two more similar claims by copyright holders, claims that I cannot defend because I could not afford the legal representation to do so despite being sure of my rights, for me to have my entire account banned, black-marked and removed. I know this is true of many out there but I don't find this acceptable, particularly when others who have uploaded the video I have made to youtube continue to share my work without attribution and without such a copyright claim. Mine was found first, is all.

That youtube enforces the law, I have no problem with. That big companies have the protection of the cost of legal defense I have issues with but am willing to regrettably accept. I am willing for this content to be removed from youtube because of my unwillingness to commit to a court battle on content (even though the likelihood is that they will not respond to my counter-notification in a timely manner and I will win by default).

My objection is the rock and a hard place put by youtube's policies which either force me to sit and wait for further indefensible claims on my account and eventually face a ban or to gamble with a much more costly legal situation just to protect my right to remix and to share that content with others.

The whole thing stinks, really. What would others do, in my situation?
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Finished a vid in about a day that I'd been sitting on for almost 2 years. Submitted it for Premieres at Vividcon - will be my first vvc premiere since Rodeohead and that's a damn long time ago.

As always, my heart goes out to Melina and Carol who will have the thankless task of working out where in the vidshow to put it :D
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Anyone have any crash space in New York in a few weeks? Or know of good cheap places to stay? Leave comments :D